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Entry #5

A Poem I Wrote For My Ex Girlfriend

1/28/12 by ralos12345

she gave me love she gave me hope
now she's gone and im lost
my life went crazy i lost hope and i got hate
i feel happy for the time i had with her and i feel sad for myself
i let her come to close to my heart now i suffer my foolinesh
now she has a new boy not even a month has past
i feel sorry for the boy cuz he will suffer like i did once
yes i love her and yes i hate her
i gave her the world even more
but that was not enought for her
she destroyed the world i gave her
not even a tear came out as she left me
not even a sad face...
blinded by the desire to party and smoke weed
and by the momories of her ex boyfriends
she could never love me for i was too different
and not that its over and im left with a broken heart,broken dreams,a destroyed world and in tears
i feel sad for cuz she never will be loved by someone like me ever again
thats the end i hope you like it its my kinda get over her poem or something like that


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Dont worry, i'm you'll find somebody else soon

6/3/12 ralos12345 responds:

thank you im still waiting tho xP



i know how you feel.. D:

just know that she doesnt deserve you.

2/3/12 ralos12345 responds:

thank you :'3

Don't worry. It's only gonna get better after your 14th birthday.

2/2/12 ralos12345 responds:

im 16 -.-

not really a poem, more like a description of what happened. Sounds tough though.

2/2/12 ralos12345 responds:

i know >-<